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Laptop Screen Goes Black Randomly? Fix Black Screen Issue!

A full scan of all files when the computer is connected or allows detailed scans of all files. This involves long-term continuous use of the CPU, resulting in your system experiencing frequent lagging access/response with the system. So, when you see an Antimalware Executable Service is using high CPU / disk memory, it is actually the infected program. It is worth to note this will disable the antivirus system on your Windows computer. To protect the PC, ensure you install a secure antivirus and antimalware on your Windows PC.

  • If they are outdated, they can cause malfunctioning, such as the computer keeps restarting.
  • That means OS will chose first one in the list to perform network related operations and if it fails goes to the next one.
  • Press and hold down the start button for about 60 seconds.
  • Disable real-time protection to disable Windows Defender and you will no longer face issues with Antimalware Service Executable.
  • You can individually edit the power management settings of these devices, to make sure they won’t wake up your PC unintentionally.

Here, EaseUS backup software is available for download to help. Here, if your PC freezes and cannot boot properly, click to learn how tobackup data without booting to Windows. Disconnect all external USB devices even including the mouse and keyboard from the computer and then boot up to check if they are the causes of random computer freezes. Here is a list of the best data recovery software for Windows and Mac users. Use data recovery software to retrieve deleted or lost data quickly. The next day, I turned it on, and the screen wouldn’t come on at all.

Method 1: Increase Upload And Download Speeds

Next, try increasing the brightness on your laptop to verify that it is not causing your issue. If the laptop starts up, but nothing is displayed on the screen, continue with the troubleshooting steps below. If the laptop does not turn on or boot up, review the following page. Press the power button to see if the laptop turns on and displays anything on the screen.

How To Enable Voice Search In Youtube On Pc Easily

Try to switch video from external to internal mode using Fn+F8 keys. I dont know if i must open plastic covering the lcd before i can find lid close switch because i cant find it on the surface. The weird part is that the dim image shrink to 60% to the left. I don’t have any invertor or CCFL lamp to test on. I had the same problem with my DEll Inspiron 6000. I was not sure if it was the inverter or the backlight. The monitor was bright for a couple of seconds when the DELL logo pops up, and then went dark.