Software Issues

Headphones Plugged In, But Speakers Are Still Playing Sound In Windows 10!

Plug the charger in and switch on the laptop with the battery removed. If the laptop still boots up, then the charger’s certainly fine. Reinsert the battery after about five minutes and then restart Windows.

  • If the battery is inside a laptop back case, it can be tricky because you must disassemble the laptop to get the internal battery.
  • If the headphones are fine, the issue could be with the drivers, operating system or other settings on the computer.
  • Origin is a platform where people can play all kinds of games with their friends and family.
  • For testing, we disabled the Nvidia chip on our sample and reran tests on the Vega chip, for a broad picture of what to expect from these QA configurations.
  • While some users simply delete the game to avoid this problem, gamers would never choose this option.
  • Laptop fan spins when on battery, but not when plugged in, no image either way.

This happened after I held down the power button while the computer was restarting. I also had my phone connected via USB cord at the time. I’ve tried holding down the power button for 30+ seconds. At this point, you just need to restart the adapter to complete the driver’s update process for the charging port. Let your laptop Asus cool, if your laptop’s battery is very hot to the touch, the excess heat can interfere with charging issues. So turn off your laptop and let it sit for a few minutes to cool down. Please blow a can of compressed air into the fan vents in the corner, in a very short time to remove dust to clean the laptop vent.

For The One Whose Phone Is Always Dying: Yootech Wireless Charger

Once done, restart your Mac computer to confirm the Origin app now works. Is the Origin app on your Mac computer not opening or shutting down almost immediately? It’s a notorious challenge that disrupts your computer’s operation without a moment’s notice. From the Program Data file locate and open the “Origin” folder. Now press the keys “Windows + R” simultaneously top open the “run” dialogue box. Once you have found the source shockwave flash chrome crashing software, you can uninstall that and put an end to the troubleshooting. Close configuration and restart your computer to clean boot the system.

Fix 2: Update Drivers

Still questionable if splitters reduce sound quality, but I wasn’t able to tell the difference. The sound issues on your Chromebook could be the result of some faulty extensions. To solve this problem, you should disable all extensions and check if the sound is now working. If it is, then the problem was one of the extensions. Next re-enable each of these extensions, one-by-one as you check its effect on the sound. If one of your enabled extensions cause a break in the sound, there you have your culprit. Find instructions on how to disable your extensions on the Chromebook support page online.